Free lunch for the Rich…30 minutes for the rest.

The top 1% of the world’s wealthiest own more than half of the world’s wealth. They also have now created a system in which they are allowed to earn infinite amounts of interest on their wealth at absolutely zero self induced RISK. Their risk has now been entirely relegated to the State and its majority of investing members…We the People. So they have all the reward/profits of global markets and fabricated financial schemes and if they are ever to “screw up”, they have the state redistribute the PEOPLE’S/STATE investments amongst themselves. They have a giant state funded safety net that allows them the freedom to exist and act freely, they can sit back and enjoy all the abundant wealth and luxury of a super productive capitalist society. This is pretty much Socialism. Well …in their own circles.

On the other hand, WE THE PEOPLE, have now incurred completely against our free will, a staggering amount of risk and debt, that pretty much “imprisons” us by forcing us to achieve impossible levels of productivity, competing bitterly against one another, putting a stranglehold on our life’s aspirations, our education, our health, and our ability to collectively think and react. All of OUR hard-earned capital/wealth now goes almost completely in one direction. STRAIGHT TO THE TOP. We spend almost all of our money on objects whose profits end up in the pockets of the rich, our savings accounts do not earn interest, yet collectively allow the rich to enjoy infinite interest on playing with them, as a giant pool of “free funds” or zero percent loans from our treasury. The majority of the products we are given the “freedom to choose” from are in fact in some shape or form actually further hindering our own well-being. Lets be clear..’Freedom to choose’ is not LIBERTY. This consumers paradise, is creating an ecological nightmare. All of our buying, and driving, and overeating is quickly degrading our planet past rehabilitation. And the top 1% know all about it but try to misdirect us with garbage science and bogus propaganda, and keep the profits rolling in. Continue reading

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Macroeconomics 101

Please watch this or read transcript. So enlightening for all those who are so frustrated by “this system” they cannot really understand. We need to focus! Reorganize our fight and get on the real battle field. If we are ever to really make a difference and beat these immoral greedy aristocratic bastards we need to learn how and where to actually fight them. Remember the “market” is OURS if we make it so… We are the market! We are demand and we are supply. If we decide to crush the demand for all this ultra rich corporate banking BS, and stop supplying them with our life blood and earnings, then they will in turn be destroyed. WATCH…

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peace on earth

Just wanting to spread the goodness and love that seemed to be generously flowing about in the xmas spirited ether. Had some truly enlightening and joyful conversations and moments over the last couple of days, and I felt compelled to share in the revelations, jubilations and overall merriment.

I must report that, however idealistic and naive you might think it to be, “Peace on earth” is still a noble cause and respectable effort. If there is anything true left in this world it is our own belief, our own sense of hope, and our own sense of wonder about the magic that brings us all that is. Peace is possible, we just need to make it so.

Now don’t go shooting me down so quickly,with the “super-hippie” tags, though I was surely quite the representative in my day, and in many respects still am. I am not trying to convince anyone that we can, with only our minds and thoughts, transform the current war infested anti-civilization dogma into a massive tree-hugging love fest. But merely suggesting that we will know we have surely been defeated when we all forfeit our dreams of a better way, AND that collectively our ideas and creative spirits WILL prevail over the close minded and soul-less machine on a path towards armageddon.  Continue reading

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..a cured patient is a lost customer…

Just some more shameful greed and corruption in the big pharma/medical industry..

I am still completely at a loss….how is it that anyone can justify healthcare for profit???? Isn’t that inherently a conflict of interest? Healthy people are less valuable than sick people???? Does anyone bother to think about the fact that medical spending is part of GDP???!! If millions of sick and dying people are all buying super expensive drugs and getting wildly expensive treatments and operations, it adds billions to our GDP. Yet we still look to the GDP as the standard measure of our national success and positive growth. GDP going up – Oh swell, our country must be in decent shape then….Am i missing something???

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Immunizations for some….Deception and Abuse for the rest…

For all those who are convinced the “pharmaceutical” companies are looking out for humankinds best interests. Think Again. For everyone who blindly believe in just”what the doctor ordered” Yes there are doctors and healh professionals out there who do care, but the overruling hierarchy of medical industry and big pharma only cares about $$$$$. So we in the wealthy north and west can pay big money to feel safe with our special advanced medicine…while they test them on the less fortunate with no mercy for failed experiments.

See link below…

NOTE : Pfizer manufactures and sells many of the most popular immunization drugs widely in use today…Is it just another experiment that they will cover up in 50 years, when it turns out to be failing….Can you trust them with your health and welfare?  your child??????

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Shameful Sheisters


Great Definition Check – Swindle – To practice fraud as a way of obtaining money

“Steal a little and they put you in jail…steal a lot and you become king”

please read this…

And just as a reply to all  those people out there that are asking “wheres the blame for  the people who stopped paying their mortgages after they signed an obligatory note…

Turns out that many of these sub-prime loans were made to completely unsuspecting poor and low income minorites -specifically preyed upon by the mortgage lenders. These people, as ignorant as you are to the truth, took the supposedly good word of their “friends” in the banking industry. Thousands of people were completely duped into believing that a interest only backwards amoritizing loan was a good thing, and that the real estate market was surely infallable, so “if worst came to worst you could just refinance”. You might also want to think about the fact that many of these people “just walking away” from their payments and obligations, were completely crushed when various corporate interests, tied to the finance regime and economic collapse, decided to fire them, eliminate their pensions, steal their life savings, drop their health care,etc… Plus the incredible pressure and hype by the general corporate american engine for profits to incur as much debt as inhumanely possible, especially on the less fortunate. Truly there is blame to go all around, and we are ALL a bit to blame for being so complacent and letting this all get out of control, but to try and impart any significant blame on the less fortunate is just shameful. Turn your minds towards more effective ideas. Blame yourself and Be the change if you really want to adress the situation.

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Hartmann Speaks to Real American Dream

Excellent excerpt from Thom Hartmann’s new online book Rebooting the Amercian Dream.

“…First, Hamilton notes that real wealth doesn’t exist until somebody makes something. A “service economy” is an oxymoron: if I wash your car in exchange for your mowing my lawn, money is moving around, it’s an “economy” of some sort, but no real and lasting wealth is created. Only through manufacturing, when $5 worth of iron ore is converted into a $2,000 car door, or $1 worth of raw wool is converted into a $1,000 suit, is real wealth created. Hamilton also notes that people being paid for creating wealth (manufacturing) creates wages, which are the principal engine of demand that drives an economy. And both come from a generally protectionist foreign-trade policy…”

Please read the rest @

So informative and realistic…

The reality of the stimulus is revealed underneath all of the right wing/free market propoganda claiming “Obama failed to do this and that…and the current administration hasn’t done anything to heal the economy..”. As usual those aligned with the rich and greedy, have framed the current situation into an unfounded story, and then used this fabricated summary to advocate for their irrational and selfish policy. Its not hard to see why everybody falls for the garbage…the corporate machine has got  both the media, the accountants, and the policy makers all in their pockets…so their story becomes THE story while the truth just fades under the loud buzzing of angry shouting heads and glamorous distractions.

Truth is the mega rich corporations have little to offer anymore in terms of actual worth…they have been so disconnected from tangible and real things. They are so dependent on all of us real people to actually do things like grow food, make clothing, build homes, deal with garbage…they are scared to let go of the fantasy world they have created for themselves in which they can just fabricate value from thin air, and make fortunes on the backs of everyone else. They know it is over…they are trying their hardest not to let us find out what they already know very well. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that everything comes to an end, nothing grows to infinity, and there is no action without reaction. All this imaginary wealth based on numbers in computers and notional paper values will cease to exist when we all realize it never existed in the first place. Soon will be the day when the elite will be forced to reckon with their own self imposed demise – their own house of cards collapsing all around them, their buildings on sand sinking to the sea. People with real wealth, of knowledge, and skill, and creativity and love will collectively usurp the fools gold economy by simply being real. We are all important, in our own ways, and must not let the elite cast us all into this heap of mindless servitude. We build their houses, fix their cars, grow their food, teach their children, heal their sick families, clean their bathrooms, water their gardens, file their paperwork, and on and on. WE ARE THE RICH! When all this ultra luxury life garbage starts melting in this warming world, the new leaders will be those of us who know how to live in balance with this earth and one another. Truly enjoying the actual wealth of this planet and our human exsitence.

It is all connected. We all breathe the same air and drink from the same water. We all eat from the same earth and play under the same sun. We must all accept responsibility. We must share the burdens and the work to share the joy and the play.  In the face of those who have so much and ignore the pleas of those who have so little, we must act in sustainable solidarity. We cannot continue to spend our short time on this planet competing and battling with one another , sacrificing our soul to attain the empty happiness of the super rich..

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