Low level risks – High level Doubts

Just wanted to address the nuclear disaster in Japan…shed some light on all the questions we have all been asking. There are an awful lot of experts claiming this and that, about what is safe, about the true nature of the disaster, about modern life in general.

First off – mercy and guidance to the people of Japan – and a special honor to the “nuclear samurai” who are sacrificing their lives working at the nuclear plants, to try and prevent a further catastrophe. Second – call to all humanity that we all understand what is happening here , educate ourselves to the truth and start being the change that we need to move forward.

I wanted to gather together a few really powerful links to illustrate the current status of all things now effected in the “wake” of the Japanese disaster. There are plenty of powerful and wealthy people who would like us to believe there is “nothing to see here” – that low level radiation is safe, that our modern world is already plenty irradiated, that the situation is under control, etc…. This is surely, about as far from the truth as possible.

It is quite depressing actually to realize that we as a human population around the world, have come to accept certain things as “normal”. We accept that our modern world is filled with various radiation, pollutants, and toxins all of which have been proven to promote cancers and malignancies in humans and the life that surrounds us all. We accept the fact that all of this “environmental toxicity” is generally at a pretty low level – relatively “safe”. We have come to accept the fact that one or more of us in all of our families, will most certainly get cancer or some other horrible disease, and that this is normal. We accept the fact that “low-level” radiation will probably not harm the majority of humanity – but can and will cause a significant increase in the development of cancer and disease among children in the longer term. We accept the opinions of the industrial scientists on the payroll of the source of this “global toxicity”, and the words of our governing bodies also in the pockets of the same (supposedly protecting “our best interests”). We accept these things because we are forced to “move along”, to “stay positive” and not “worry about everything”, schooled to believe that some “highly educated authority” has made the risk assessment, regulated the source of the potential risk factors,  and created a “safe” environment for us all to carry on with our lives. We accept this as the “way it is” – the “only way”. And generally speaking, from a global perspective this may be true. However, this is not acceptable. There is a different way.

As a single human being, or even a family unit, one must ask themselves what risks are you taking individually to create a greater populations sense of safety. Where do you draw the line between saving yourself and family or sacrificing it to “save” the better part of your community? Who is your community anyway? Are we not all interconnected on so many levels – sharing the earth’s air, water and food- sharing the minerals and resources, oil and gas – and now even sharing all of our intimate moments on facebook and youtube – sharing all of our ideas and thoughts in real time. In all the wrappings of the “american dream”, the “free market”, capitalist idealism, with so many promised freedoms and choices we have been in reality left with one. Ignorance or Truth. We all must make incredible sacrifices, regardless of our path. We choose between closing one eye to the nastiness and moving along, give or take a family member or two to “circumstances beyond control”, give or take an indigenous population or two, give or take an entire ecosystem or two. Or we choose to open ourselves up to a world of painful truths and struggles, to stand tall in a “wave” or “tsunami” of pressure, to physically fight alongside fellow progressives, to live with less convenience and luxury,  to “Be the change” that will really free us all from the danger which is our own creation.

The truth is, we are all individually afraid for our own lives, and that of our children. But we have been taught since being very young that we must act on behalf of the greater people. Our individual life is less important than the “herd”, less important than the “greater cause of  progress”. This is the reasoning behind why we should all get immunized, why soldiers go to war, why you place an oxygen mask on yourself first before helping your child in an airplane emergency. We must think beyond ourselves. YES. But we must not be fooled. We MUST understand the “greater cause” and be absolutely sure it is a “greater cause” with a true purpose in creating a “better and healthier” tomorrow for all of US sacrificing to make it so. We must make sure we are not just playing out some economic theorists idea of a utopian society, nor some fanatical theological paradise, nor some fundamentalists vision.

If the greater cause is progress and health and happiness than let us examine our current status in reaching these goals. Cancer is an epidemic here in the US, and many of our “wealthiest” communities have cancer rates among the highest in the world. More children are being diagnosed with all kinds of serious illnesses, asthma, leukemia, diabetes – all increasing at an alarming rate. The US is at the bottom of the list when it comes to maternal mortality rates in “advanced nations”. Our working class wages have actually fallen over the last 50 years, and the ratio of rich to poor has widened considerably. Foodbourne illness outbreaks and bacterial infections have become commonplace.  The American population consumes 1/2 of all global anti-depressants and we “open happiness” by drinking 1.5 billion bottles of coco-cola every day. The US is home to a quarter of the worlds imprisoned population. There are millions of starving children worldwide, and millions more without decent medical care or clean water. Our ecosystems are being ravaged and wildlife are becoming extinct, our water supply is tainted, and our once fertile soil has been drained of all but the last of its life giving essence. The list can go on and on.

Point is – we are not working towards the “greater goal”. At least not for All of US- which was supposed to be the whole point in the first place.  “Ask not what “they” can do for us, but what “we” can do for “them”. We  need to re-think our strategy. Re-evaluate our choices.  Re-establish our goals as people. We have been struggling against the grain to keep this all going, at our own expense. Our sacrifice seems fruitless and endless and our “tactical” ignorance will just stab us in the back.

WE cannot accept low-level radiation anymore. We cannot accept burning coal into our common airways. We cannot accept chemicals and toxins flooding our farms and running off into our oceans. We cannot accept our military experimentally detonating hundreds of nuclear warheads all over our planet creating a permanent layer of radiation on our planet. We cannot accept a nuclear energy facility built on a fault line, built with questionable engineering, and problematic design flaws – as many  of the US reactors in fact are. We cannot accept a massive oil explosion in our ocean, and then accept further deep sea exploration and zero accountability for the recklessness of greedy capitalists.  We cannot accept our own fate at the hands of a disaster we are blindly creating. We must accept the truth.

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Pretty disturbing stuff here…Just another reminder of what we have all come to accept as normal. Its kinda sad. We all have just accepted the fact that we are at the mercy of “average risk” profiles. Generally speaking most of us won’t get sick from low dosages of radiation – but some of us will. And the truth is more and more of us are. This rate will continue to increase dramatically as our world gets dirtier and dirtier, and our youngest are exposed to more and more “generally safe” levels of pollutants and radiation and such.

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One Response to Low level risks – High level Doubts

  1. MEME says:

    A most excellent post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The “Truth shall set us free”.

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