If reading the writing on the wall means understanding the hieroglyphical metaphor of the Egyptian riots, then finally some people have opened their eyes. The markets today are a sure sign that some people are recognizing the reality of our situation. The mega-rich have started to read the graffiti on their walls, and are getting scared.

 This is surely not an exceptional international event. Food rioting, social insurrection, martial law, climate catastrophe are becoming part of the everyday. The pyramids stand tall as monuments to a time when a ruthless dictatorship enslaved thousands for centuries. They are filled with hieroglyphics, or pictorial representations of stories and messages. They have been a favorite tourist destination for the world since the first intercontinental voyage hundreds of years ago. A glimpse into the ancient past of humanity. Now finally, on the original freedom battleground, the biblical ground zero, the people of Egypt, are standing up to the POWERs that be. Standing up to the elitist ruling class (who are partially funded by the US) and claiming their human rights and freedoms. AND LOOK AT THE MARKETS!!! it’s too late to run and hide now…should’ve been trying to read the graffiti instead of trying to erase it.

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One Response to Heiroglyphics

  1. TD says:

    Great point. What will it take for a similar wake-up call in this country? $5/gallon gas did not do it. Salmonella in eggs and chicken; barely noticeable to the point that it is expected every few months. All because we have a convenient distraction, Republicans vs Democrats, Liberals vs Conservatives, Packers vs Steelers, us vs them. Nobody is willing to rethink the current system that takes from the many and gives to the few. But maybe things are changing? Maybe the light is shining and maybe they are running out of places to hide.

    Now where is the remote?

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