Free lunch for the Rich…30 minutes for the rest.

The top 1% of the world’s wealthiest own more than half of the world’s wealth. They also have now created a system in which they are allowed to earn infinite amounts of interest on their wealth at absolutely zero self induced RISK. Their risk has now been entirely relegated to the State and its majority of investing members…We the People. So they have all the reward/profits of global markets and fabricated financial schemes and if they are ever to “screw up”, they have the state redistribute the PEOPLE’S/STATE investments amongst themselves. They have a giant state funded safety net that allows them the freedom to exist and act freely, they can sit back and enjoy all the abundant wealth and luxury of a super productive capitalist society. This is pretty much Socialism. Well …in their own circles.

On the other hand, WE THE PEOPLE, have now incurred completely against our free will, a staggering amount of risk and debt, that pretty much “imprisons” us by forcing us to achieve impossible levels of productivity, competing bitterly against one another, putting a stranglehold on our life’s aspirations, our education, our health, and our ability to collectively think and react. All of OUR hard-earned capital/wealth now goes almost completely in one direction. STRAIGHT TO THE TOP. We spend almost all of our money on objects whose profits end up in the pockets of the rich, our savings accounts do not earn interest, yet collectively allow the rich to enjoy infinite interest on playing with them, as a giant pool of “free funds” or zero percent loans from our treasury. The majority of the products we are given the “freedom to choose” from are in fact in some shape or form actually further hindering our own well-being. Lets be clear..’Freedom to choose’ is not LIBERTY. This consumers paradise, is creating an ecological nightmare. All of our buying, and driving, and overeating is quickly degrading our planet past rehabilitation. And the top 1% know all about it but try to misdirect us with garbage science and bogus propaganda, and keep the profits rolling in.

So we can’t save money, we can only earn as much as ‘THEY’ allow us too, we can only trade our labor for certain “approved” means of consumption. We can barely afford to go to the doctor, more and more of us are standing in line by the millions waiting for food and shelter. We as a nation have more people suffering from heart disease, diabetes and cancers per capita than any other nation in history. We also devour more than half of the world’s entire supply of anti-depressant medication, because carving out a meaningful and prosperous existence is next to impossible. Especially, when you start at the bottom, are continually repressed and rejected and have little or no guidance to get ahead. Hmmmm….take a step back and this whole thing looks kind of familiar. Like maybe the middle ages in Europe – PRE RENAISSANCE.

Every possible statistic and report about modern American socio-economic mobility, has shown that it is non-existent, and if anything backwards. Working people‘s wages are down, savings are gone, retirement funds have evaporated. Social programs for the poor, disabled, elderly, abused, and even our own traumatized soldiers have been eviscerated. Our children’s schools have been completely sterilized and de-funded, removing the arts, music, and extra-curricular activities that actually taught them how to think and live as FREE PEOPLE. Are we really that pathetic that we live to “open happiness” with a can of cola? That we only find humor in the demise of our fellow humans on reality television? That we find true exhilaration in driving over 100mph on the highway in a fancy car? That we have turned our prayers and spiritual aspirations into a daily mantra of “you never know…I might just hit the jackpot today..” Do we want to be remembered as a nation of people whose most effective tool for rising up out of the morass of poverty was acquiring a bunch of useless knowledge and winning a million bucks on a TV game show?

I DON’T. And I hope we all don’t. Life on the game show ‘earth’ will not be victorious if we strive only to amass useless information. This thing called living is no strike it rich quick agenda. And a bunch of paper with an old presidents head on it, has very little to do with your true wealth and happiness. We are supposed to believe it does, even after we were taught the exact opposite from birth. And it a great way to keep us all “trying to make it”…trying to be rich and famous against all odds. Lets face it…the odds are stacked against us , and I when I say stacked I mean impossible. Of course there are exceptions, but I am addressing WE the people here, not the one in a million longshot dangled in front of us like a big carrot.

We are not put on this earth as servants of the rich and powerful, reduced to racing around an endless track desperately trying to catch a carrot, which turns out to be poisoned anyway. You may argue, that you are a servant to a higher power, or whatever religious/holiness you serve…That is fine. That is beautiful. Find your inner self, your personal jesus,  your meditation, your spirit animal, your mecca, your heart, your soul. Believe in yourself and your fellow humans. Believe in something meaningful to you and your life. Your friends, your family, your pets. This will only lead you towards the truth, which is always your own.  We can free our mind and this will be the first step. Remember, our current economic system is only what it is ‘believed’ to be. If we all believe in freedom, then it will all be free. Wouldn’t that be the day… When there is such a thing as a free lunch.

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One Response to Free lunch for the Rich…30 minutes for the rest.

  1. MEME says:

    Great blog today. We each must find as you have said our ” Inner Peace” be it the Torah for we Jews, Jesus for the Christians, Budda for many Asians, or whomever. Being truly free means that we are happy with ourselves and what we have, I am not talking material wealth. I am thankful, although I do not always recognize it that I do have a good life. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, grandchildren and a loving man I call husband. Those things money cannot buy.

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