peace on earth

Just wanting to spread the goodness and love that seemed to be generously flowing about in the xmas spirited ether. Had some truly enlightening and joyful conversations and moments over the last couple of days, and I felt compelled to share in the revelations, jubilations and overall merriment.

I must report that, however idealistic and naive you might think it to be, “Peace on earth” is still a noble cause and respectable effort. If there is anything true left in this world it is our own belief, our own sense of hope, and our own sense of wonder about the magic that brings us all that is. Peace is possible, we just need to make it so.

Now don’t go shooting me down so quickly,with the “super-hippie” tags, though I was surely quite the representative in my day, and in many respects still am. I am not trying to convince anyone that we can, with only our minds and thoughts, transform the current war infested anti-civilization dogma into a massive tree-hugging love fest. But merely suggesting that we will know we have surely been defeated when we all forfeit our dreams of a better way, AND that collectively our ideas and creative spirits WILL prevail over the close minded and soul-less machine on a path towards armageddon. 

Key realization made while pondering this “hippie” crusade of mine… There is a common notion that us progressive thinkers and utopian idealists, are naive ( or pretty much out of our minds) to think that we can “turn back the clocks” or “really change the embedded structures that currently drive this massive civilization machine”. Many believe that we want to “go back to live like the native Americans, live in caves and hunt with bow and arrow.” To this I say “You are right. We cannot turn back the clocks. We cannot one day just all decide we are going to move from our homes into tee-pees and pick berries to survive. We also as simple human beings cannot alter the natural path of the universe. More importantly, We are not intending to do either. We don’t have to.”

The truth is, the clocks will turn back on themselves. They have already begun. The global machine as it operates now is imploding, on every level. Social, economic, political, religous, enviromental systems are all failing…in pretty catastrophic fashion. The approach towards creating this globalized (insert any prefix)-ocracy hegemony is in all truth a failed attempt. Regardless of your ideology or dogma, you must understand this to be true, if by merely knowing as a simple plain truth that absolutely Nothing lasts forever. NOTHING. There is no such thing as “infinite growth”. It simple does not exist. “Modern civilization” or whatever you want to call it, is built on an ideology of constant growth thru the infinite consumption of non-renewable resources. Simply an impossibility. Sooner than we all think, our soil will no longer support growing food, our water will be toxic to drink, and our air to dirty to even hold oxygen for breathing. This is not theoretical, this is happening and true. So as humans we can : admit to ourselves that we have a fatally flawed system reaching its end and start preparing, OR think against all religion, science and naturally occurring universal cycles and believe that we are all fine and dandy beings, more knowledgeable than our own makers wisdom, more powerful than the physics of time and space, too busy making planet earth number one on the galaxy high-score board.

That being said, I find it my responsibility to myself, my family, my community, and of course the greater good, to spread the truth about our situation, just in case you don’t have the time or means to figure it all out yourself. I know my children and the rest of the younger generation certainly cannot comprehend all of this, yet are being thrown into the mess we have created, completely unprepared. PREPARATION. That I think is my ultimate revelation. What compels me to keep writing and challenging. We need to be prepared for all this. Prepared to take the reins on cultivating a “realistic” globally networked civilization on every level. We need to prepare to deal with a world, reeling in a natural state of shock, from the incredibly intense trauma of humanity going completely beserko and basically multiplying in number and burden, exponentially in an instant relative to the greater time scale of the natural world.

I don’t really care if u believe in global warming, you can think you are smarter, than the thousands of scientists, PhD’s, and Nobel prize winners who agree it is happening due to human causes, if you want – go ahead – be smarter. But you must understand and feel the physical reality of the current situation, with or without science. Trust your intuition, listen for the truth! There are a lot of people out there who get paid an awful lot of money to make you believe everything is under control –  They have every incentive to skew numbers and statistics, bend the truth if not hide it completely, and even downright lie if they find it more productive. These very same people will slander people like me, and write us off as a bunch of “cultural losers”, “extremists”, “conspiracy theorists”, etc…Of course they will, because the very core of what they believe in and live for is obviously in jeopardy. The very moment that the powerful monopolies start to acknowledge the truth..the entire foundation begins to crumble. Back to the fatal flaw. The inherent conflict of interest embedded in this crazy system. Grow everything to a point at which its very existence cannot be sustained by the very systems it depends on to exist in the first place. What kind of world is it that we are trying to achieve anyway? Who wants to live in a place where the only clean air you can breath is in a tank, the only water you can drink is in a plastic bottle and the only food you can eat has been “developed” in a laboratory to “mimic” the flavor of your favorite meal? Hopefully no one that actually believes they have a soul. Hopefully no one that believes in a greater purpose. Hopefully no one that is raising a family.

I still hope we can achieve a world in which people can feel a collective sense of prosperity and well being. I still hope as a civilization we all want to reach a point at which we can balance our consumption with the rest of the planet. That we can accept whether in a religous, scientific or philosophical sense that we are part of a greater scheme, with a purpose that is magical and mysterious beyond any of our comprehension.

I still hope for peace on earth.

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One Response to peace on earth

  1. MEME says:

    To me Peace on Earth is tolerance of your fellow man’s beliefs , respect for your fellow man, and a social conscience that extends throughout our World. What we have seen of late, particularly by those preaching Peace on Earth, Family Values and belief in a greater Good is exactly the opposite. As you have said we must be there for our family and instill in them the ideals that would make us each a better person. I am optomistic .

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