Shameful Sheisters


Great Definition Check – Swindle – To practice fraud as a way of obtaining money

“Steal a little and they put you in jail…steal a lot and you become king”

please read this…

And just as a reply to all  those people out there that are asking “wheres the blame for  the people who stopped paying their mortgages after they signed an obligatory note…

Turns out that many of these sub-prime loans were made to completely unsuspecting poor and low income minorites -specifically preyed upon by the mortgage lenders. These people, as ignorant as you are to the truth, took the supposedly good word of their “friends” in the banking industry. Thousands of people were completely duped into believing that a interest only backwards amoritizing loan was a good thing, and that the real estate market was surely infallable, so “if worst came to worst you could just refinance”. You might also want to think about the fact that many of these people “just walking away” from their payments and obligations, were completely crushed when various corporate interests, tied to the finance regime and economic collapse, decided to fire them, eliminate their pensions, steal their life savings, drop their health care,etc… Plus the incredible pressure and hype by the general corporate american engine for profits to incur as much debt as inhumanely possible, especially on the less fortunate. Truly there is blame to go all around, and we are ALL a bit to blame for being so complacent and letting this all get out of control, but to try and impart any significant blame on the less fortunate is just shameful. Turn your minds towards more effective ideas. Blame yourself and Be the change if you really want to adress the situation.

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