The whole enchilada….(the bailout numbers)

Just in case anyone wasn’t keeping a tally on their own watch, or if you weren’t able to count to 24 trillion on your hands and toes….This easy to read chart just details exactly how much of OUR money was just forked over to the banks, the billionaires, and the other “free market” sore losers.

It’s too bad BIG government is so anti-BIG business, always getting in the way of unfettered profits and spending all their money on the poor and disadvantaged….AS IF!

People – we  need to stand up to this kind of absolute garbage! All I hear all day from the conservatives and economists is “free market this” and “free market that”…”obama is a socialist..” …”the liberals are all gonna spend spend spend”…. Big government sure seemed all fine and dandy when you billionaires and banking fools got played by your own games and needed a few trillion dollars to keep you solvent….oh and I forgot, doesn’t our government provide jobs to hundreds of thousands of people all around the world….and oh yeah, isn’t the post office part of the government..and medicare…and schools…infrastructure…scientific research……

Well that’s what our gov’t used to do, until it spent all its money on bailing out a bunch of really, really rich people, who claimed the world would end if they lost their fortunes. How could the rich trickle their wealth down to the poor if we let them squander?? Who would invest in this country and create jobs if the corporate banks failed??? At least we must let the most diabolical of the bankers stay afloat so they can guide is through these troubling times filled with complexity beyond the average american understanding and banking derivative nonsense which even they themselves cannot comprehend.



It is beyond obvious that we the people have the POWER! If just in pure numbers…We are the other 99% of the population that doesn’t have millions of dollars! All we want is a decent life, a place to call home, the time and energy to prepare a home cooked meal out of real food and share it with our family and friends. A place to make music, art and love. To dance and sing and ENJOY being alive. We must not be tricked into thinking we need millions of dollars or any of the absolute worthless garbage that is touted as symbolic of success. We must accept the truth…99% of us will never have a million dollars…not even collectively over our lifetime…and thats fine! TRULY FINE!

But we must fight for our right to have this decent ,average, middle class, and free life. The corporate machine has no heart…has no mercy. It can wield its power like a tyrant, make decisions that affect millions of lives, can cause misery for entire nations and cultures…yet it is in truth a figment of thought. They have no responsibility to anything, beholden to no ethical or moral boundaries, zero accountability. A corporation is not human, it is not one of us, it is an entity without a soul, and truly its only sustenance is the insatiable consumption of ours. WE DONT NEED THEM!! but they need us!


Take back OUR minds and lives. Tune out the big corporate lying media..Make every effort to support your real community, your local businesses, your local food supply, your local schools…even your local plants, your local water, your neighborhood birds. And of course the whales.


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One Response to The whole enchilada….(the bailout numbers)

  1. MEME says:

    I just love this blog post. You are so right.

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