go buy this book!!
David Swanson – War is a Lie!
came out today and we need to send a message to the general world public that people KNOW!! that people care about unmitigated military spending! endless violence! and boundless war zone that streches from your living room to the oceans to your shoes.
Also, pushing this book to the top of the charts will knock George W. Bush ridiculously phony biography off its completely unjustified throne as Amazons best selling book.
Once a book like this becomes #1 on Amazon people take notice, big media takes notice and everyone that goes and checks the best sellers lists, sees the title and gets intrigued.

and go check out this link for more..


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2 Responses to WAR IS A LIE!!

  1. MEME says:

    That will certainly bring the book to the forefront. One other action to take is to take Bush’s book and move it to the shelves that have books about ” Crooks and Liars”.

  2. MEME says:

    Another great book is ” Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker, so many great facts about who the BUshy’s come from, what happened with Watergate, and this is written by a true Investigative Journalist.

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