So I joined facebook…

I immediately was inundated with emails…seems now everybody wants to be my friend. I am just so freakishly popular.

I actually was kind of overwhelmed by the constant pinging of the facebook response. I was unprepared for the storm of messages, and requests and confirmations, and pokes and prods and news feeds from everywhere. All of a sudden I was IN. I could now really find out what was going on in the world, keep in touch with my peers, stay on the pulse…REALLY!?!?

I have never been so completely convinced that we are doomed. Talk about distracting from reality. Friend requests!?! For a second you feel like you are really becoming part of something…part of an organization of people on the same ‘page’. A place where hundreds of millions of people check in all day and night. They even made a blockbuster movie about the whole stupid thing. Spent millions of dollars on it and then made millions. Our millions. Our millions that we also seem to be spending on facebook game apps that have us all owning virtual farms and raising robot chickens.

There are over 24 million players on FARMVILLE! Just dumping their hard earned cash into make belive farm world toys. I had to join to really see what all the fuss was about. I spent a few minutes trying to get an overview of the game and how the virtual farm economy worked. What an incredible waste of time. How about spending that time planting a real garden in your backyard..or starting a real community garden with your REAL friends in your REAL neighborhood. Oh but I forgot. No time for reality. No time for that. SO BUSY we are. SO BUSY tending to our imaginary sheep and orchard. TOO BUSY to stop and check to see if the food you are ‘actually’ eating while you stare at your virtual crop is even real itself, or just some fabricated processed piece of food matter that some other screen junkie ‘invented’.TOO BUSY to check to see if the farms that actually do produce edible food from real dirt and poop in and around your REAL home are safe and clean. While we are busy playing fake farmer, our actual food supply and diet is being completely undermined, our REAL and farms are getting sick and being turned into terrible factories of poison and illness.

Look…I dont mean to rant and rave too much here. Its just that facebook and Farmville could be something so much more productive and positive. Now they are just amongst the massive distraction network. If we could focus all this ‘wasted’ time towards something productive and good for us real people, then we would really have something worth posting on our wall.

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One Response to DISTRACTIONS…

  1. MEME says:

    This is a great blog on the topic of virtual reality play. Too many people do not want to face reality and would rather bury their heads in a virtual world, like Farmville.

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