Seas the Day!

Just a reminder to all who are reading.
The whales are listening.
A little peep here, a little peep there, and all of a sudden there is a raucous that is heard around the world.

dont let yourself fall into the belief that small little actions will never amount to anything.
It is in fact the exact OPPOSITE.
Every major shift and change in anything has always come as the result of an amalgamation of many tiny little almost unnoticeable acts.

Every day counts.

Make mindful conscious choices whenever you can!!

It all matters – what you eat, what you buy, what you drive, even how you you treat your coworkers at the office.

make some time to just stare out to the ocean for a few. breathe on a fresh salty sea breeze. find a cool shell. listen for the whales.

it is all connected.

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One Response to Seas the Day!

  1. MEME says:

    “Truer words were never said”

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