Love vs. Fear

It’s a crazy world. I have decided it is my mission in life to expose the disparity of this backwards ass system, to spread the love of life itself, through beautiful expression in all of its forms, to expose the truth behind the smoke and mirrors, to provide a beacon of light at the end of this dark tunnel. 

There is so much crap out there selling and deceiving, spreading negativity and ignorance, and those of us creating epic beauty and expending our entire soul to spread truth, are living under the line. All of my brilliant and amazing friends and family and all of my peers are struggling so hard to just make it. So much truth and beauty to be shared but barely enough time and energy left after the daily grind and this new world order’s twisted demands. Im over it.  Its over. The light will shine through thr cracks and eventually break down this wall. So many floods are coming. Those who have tried so hard to damn the truth up and keep back the beauty of us all will be drowned out by the new waters. The violent rally cries of the ignorant, the roars of war machines will be drowned out by dancing, universal rhythms and whale song. Those who disbelieve in climate change have not only missed the truth but the point. It is all a story. It is all a metaphor. We will rise with the sea. We will burn brighter with the sun. Our roots will no longer be imprisoned by the concrete. We have loosened seam in the polyester brain net cast upon us by those who drink dinosaur blood as apertif. There are those so afraid of themselves and reality , so selfish and absorbed that they cannot bear to see the truth. So they battle against it they teach against it, censor, ban, ignore it, and they try little by little to take it all away from us.

They will not succeed.

‘Our word is our weapon’ -marcos our paint is our weapon our fabrics and photos and inks and clay. We cannot let ‘them’ win. They want what we have- real feelings – real love – real beauty. And they will try and destroy it before letting us enjoy it for ourselves. They will win if we have all conceded that it is what it is. They will win if we do not believe. There is another way. Lies deception and fear will be defeated by truth selflessness and love (and whales).

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